Ouch! Growing Pains!

Ouch! Growing Pains!

I guess it’s a good thing to experience growing pains. Isn’t it? That must mean that you’re growing, right? I can assure you that Get Clients Everywhere is growing, evolving, and getting a few bruises from time to time. It’s normal…..right? The important thing to know is that ,yes, growing pains are normal. We all bump into our self-imposed boundaries from time to time, and feel the pain of frustration, confusion, and thwarted growth. However, we must keep moving through the pain, adjust course, think and act strategically and always keep the faith. And a sense of humor!

Running a business is like pushing a truck uphill. Once we stop pushing, we may start to slip backwards. When our business is growing, we need to continuously find our next clients, sign the next contract, and hire the next team player, like a VA or Admin. If we let go of our focus, then gravity rolls us back. There are always things that need to be done in order to keep moving, to ensure our growth is healthy and thriving. I’ve heard it said that “When you are green you’re growing, and it you aren’t growing then you are dying on the vine.”

Any business will experience challenges as they grow. You can count on it. Growing pains might be just the sign you need to get you back on the path to success. This is the perfect time to hire a Coach, a seasoned professional who is farther along the path to success than you. It’s the perfect time to invest in your business, counter to what you might think. This is the time when our business needs to be in expansion, not contraction. And the time to let that Coach hold your vision with you, and provide support, guidance, direction, and love. Coaches can help you find your balance point, and keep the state of your well-being intact as you grow.

Have you considered working with a Coach? Why not take that positive step? Commit to your success, and give up being “the lone ranger”. It’s much more fun, enjoyable and success comes quicker when you align yourself with the right Coach. The right Coach is a good pain reliever.

I’d love to help you grow your business. Let’s hold a complimentary Business Breakthrough Session together! Let’s do this!


The 5 P’s to Deliver Profitable Presentations

The 5 P’s to Deliver Profitable Presentations

For most people, the thought of speaking in public simply scares the _____out of them!   Yes, it ranks very high on the Stress Scale, and causes confident, successful people to be in the swirl of anxiety, fear, and sweaty palms and arm pits.   I’ve even seen people faint and blank out….Ok, so some of these symptoms are drastic and extreme, yet, this can happen to anyone.

As entrepreneurs, leaders, and change agents, we must get our message out to our audience and tribe.   We do this because we care.  Our message drives us, especially for mission-based businesses.  Some of us meet our clients through speaking, both on-line and off-line, and we can choose to speak in formal presentations or at informal gatherings with one or more people.

Regardless, it is imperative that you have a clear message and that you have done the work to deliver it with a level of mastery that is recognized.   Or else, you will be recognized as someone ill-prepared and unprofessional.

A little-known fact about me….during the 80’s I led workshops in Executive Presentation Skills to Fortune companies in the U.S.  I was trained by the best of the best at the time, national leaders, and then I led customized workshops to corporate clients who were members of the Human Resources Consulting Association that I worked for.   It was a different time in life, and long before the internet and PowerPoint.   Currently, I have been working on my own presentations, a signature talk, online programs, and honing my message while converting new clients from these talks.   I have been hosting women entrepreneurs for 7 years as they present their message and make their offers to the WPDN audience in ATL.   I’ve invested a lot in my training and coaching so that I can make a difference for you.

I’m committed that entrepreneurs are profitable!  If we are not profitable, and don’t have enough money, clients, and transformation, then that is just sad! We make no impact.   Presentations lead to clients and profits.  So many of you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table

To get you started, here are my 5 P’s to Deliver Profitable Presentations:

  1. Purpose of the Presentation  –    Get a clear intention, and define the purpose and end game of your  message. Why are you giving this presentation? How will people be impacted?  How do you want to leave the audience?  And what is your “call to action”?
  2. Prepare  –   Map out your message, talking points, and have it be audience-focused. Don’t take 20 min. talking about you, your story, and your background.  Give this section approximately three minutes, for you need to establish credibility, and yet hold the attention of your audience.  What is your sequence of sharing information?   What must you include and exclude?  You can easily spot a newbie for they ramble, use notes or index cards and don’t seem connected to their message.   Do the work.  Honor your audience.  Be with your audience.
  3. PowerPoint or not? –   Using slides can be a plus. They are a “visual aid”, not the entire presentation.   In a lengthy presentation it’s a gift to your audience, especially if you plan to teach or impart important information.  If you have 20 minutes or less, I’d avoid using slides or any technology except for a microphone.   Slides should be branded, and professionally done.   And they can be used in online presentations and webinars, too.   Make sure they can be seen, read, and that they are short and to the point.  No mouse-print!
  4. Practice –   Practice, practice and practice again!  Practice leads to profits.   Be prepared and polished, and that you can deliver this presentation on the fly, in a pinch, or despite what happens with technology.   Use one card or paper for reference, but never ever, every read your presentation.   It disconnects you from your audience and that is who you came to connect with.
  5. Profit –   Craft a meaningful “offer”, either a free offer or low-ticket offer.   Make it easy for people to register or purchase it, and give yourself enough time to position the offer with your audience.   This takes planning, practicing and it’s so vitally important.  This is where you get to deliver your transformation and make your impact.

If you would like guidance and support as you craft your message, signature talk, or sales presentation, please contact me.   Don’t postpone your profitability, joy and success!   Let’s do this, so you, too, can get clients everywhere!

Nine Foolish Mistakes People Make When Starting a Business

Nine Foolish Mistakes People Make When Starting a Business

Starting a business can be both exciting and overwhelming. Inevitably, we all make mistakes but remembering these nine tips can help you avoid some of the pitfalls along the way.

  1. Blindly jumping into a business without doing the research to know if there will be a viable market for the product or service.
  2. Investing too little, and not making “good” investments, one that do have a high ROI
  3. Selling to people who really don’t want what you are selling. This is a common pitfall when people are told that their product/service is good for “anyone”.
  4. Being inauthentic in your business, and having to put on an “act”, just to generate income. Usually this survival mechanism will lead ultimately to becoming frustrated, exhausted and broke.
  5. Investing too much in your business without reaping any ROI.
  6. Thinking that you don’t need an Attorney. You have a friend, or you’ll “google it”, or find documents at a business supply store, all which will short-change you and potentially leave you vulnerable and unprotected.
  7. Spending too much time on “non-income producing activities”, i.e. filing, working on your website. “Income-producing activities” are having sales conversations with prospects, attending networking events and programs where you will meet prospective clients.
  8. Creating a “home-bound” business versus a “home-based” business.
  9. Toughing it and “going it alone”, rather than hiring an experienced Coach who can pull you  forward and speed up your path to success and profit.