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Living “La Dolce Vita” in Tuscany
Allow your inner Michelangelo to emerge as you commune with the beautiful sights, aromas, and tastes of the abundant Chianti region of Italy. For seven days under the Tuscan sun we will restore ourselves and celebrate the sweet life with new friends. Experience the true spirit of “la dolce vita” while creating your own personal restoration and renewal!
: September 23 – 30th, 2017
Location: San Fedele Monastery
Cost: $2795 per person*
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Experience Travelling with Marie

Tuscany was a “God wink” moment. Everything just fell into place with this trip that a friend treated me to. The catalyst that made this dream all work out was when a friend told me about the Reinvent Yourself in Tuscany.  Once I found out about this and all that was being offered with this course, I knew this was how I wanted to experience Tuscany. It was more than I’d imagined.  Being pampered with no worries was AWESOME.  When people asked how was Tuscany, all I could say was that, It warmed my heart and soothed my soul.


Graphic Artist

The trip was advertised “as a trip of a lifetime.” That was my experience: the scenery, the Tuscan countryside, the breathtaking beauty and vistas, and cathedrals beyond description. I was immersed in the beauty and history of Italy. I had the chance to be in conversation and discovery in my own life with the Reinvent Yourself Italian Style classes. I have such wonderful memories – the camaderie, the food, the wine, the joy, the singing, the pictures, the sacredness and joy of San Fedele, the  feeling of being complete, and the true experience of a lifetime. Go! See! Immerse yourself in the wonder of Italy!

Wanda N.

Reflexologist, Healer

You Had Me at Gelato! When Marie first called me to chat about going to Italy to re-invent myself, she painted the picture of the amazing staff at San Fedele, the beautiful countryside, how much fun we would have in her class and the gelato. Gelato? I was sold. The course was everything she promised and so much more. There are no words that can describe the experience of staying in this sacred place and being surrounded by others who are exploring parts of their lives that stay on the “back burner” most days, not to mention the wonderful staff, who makes sure every detail of your stay is impeccable. Whether you’re passionate about looking at what’s next for you in life, or just want to see how many flavors of gelato you can try in a week, I encourage you to join Marie and the San Fedele team for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget.

Pamela S.

Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager