The Get Clients Everywhere Jumpstart System

A Breakthrough System For Accelerating Your Business Success!

You’ve started a business and you are super excited! But you just don’t know where to get started, what to do first, and how to meet the right prospects. If you're looking for personalized, one-on-one support to jumpstart and accelerate your business, you are in the right place!

The Get Clients Everywhere Jump Start System will launch your new business, program, or product with confidence, power, and new paying clients!


  • Five 45-minute One-to-One Coaching Sessions
  • Valuable Training Documents
  • Email support in-between if you have questions that come up


  • 1

    Defining Your Ideal Business Mission, Programs, and Goals!

    You will learn my breakthrough system for attaining any goal faster and with more ease.

  • 2

    Identifying Your Ideal Target Market

    Learn how to zero in on your perfect niche and grab the attention of ideal prospects in a very noisy, crowded marketplace.

  • 3

    Overcoming Objections: Following the Path to YES!

    You will create a Selling Success Roadmap that will help you to identify and overcome objections - transforming a "no" to a "yes".

  • 4

    Converting Conversations to Cash: Holding Effective Sales Conversations

    Discover unconscious beliefs and mindsets that undermine your ability to conduct winning sales conversations.

  • 5

    Networking to Find Prospective Clients.

    Where are they? What do you say to them so they want what you’ve got? Learn how to become a Savvy Networker.


A complimentary 3-hour Group VIP Session where we’ll meet on Zoom and you’ll receive special focus, strategy and transformation to take your business to the next level.

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"A deep dive with Marie is an exciting and fun journey of discovery. The day starts with delicious treats and intentions. I came with an open mind and ultimate trust in Marie that I would recreate myself and my business powerfully. Marie listens, and she offers her extensive expertise in creating packages and business campaigns that will yield dividends in my creative services. Lunch was an opportunity to discuss how my personal life can be balanced with work. The deep dive in another situation may have ‘seemed’ like work, but with Marie it is play and ease. She keeps the flow moving and is sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses of her client. With her insightful ideas and creative queries she brings forth solutions that empower personally and professionally. I highly recommend Marie as a business coach and look forward to sharing more about the success of the business campaign we generated from my Deep Dive day."

Sonja Vass, Marketing Media Specialist

"My problem was simple. I am really good at my work, peak performance coach, teaching people how to pull the plug on stress and play their A Game under pressure. I didn’t have the business sense to back it up. Marie’s business experience is inarguable. She first helped me develop simple step-by-step processes; through which I learned to network effectively and sell my work in a way I was comfortable. She connected me with valuable contacts and basically taught me the ‘business sense’ that supported my talents. Working with Marie was fun and informative. Her approach made growing my business fun and engaging. Thanks, Marie."

Annita Keane, The Keane Institute, Cleveland, OH

"Are you considering a deep dive with Marie? If you are like me, resistant, I encourage you to let go and work with her. Eventually, you will work with Marie, so why not now? Give yourself and your business the gift of facing and dealing with whatever is holding you back. Or, if you are in a great place and seeking a wild jump forward, then schedule your time with her. For me, my productivity severely slowed down and I was not my happy self. Those are my warning signs. Through our day together I unexpectedly recognized and forced myself to say out loud what was upsetting me and in my way. As smart as I am, I never connected my upsets to my reduced participation with my business and personal life. My day with Marie, a trusted advisor, allowed me to uncover and discuss painful blocks, and then to design action steps to move forward immediately. Thank you. I am now taking the action steps we discussed, and her follow-up calls don’t let me slip! Much love and appreciation."

Nanette Freiman, Realtor, Keller Williams, Buckhead

Holiday Special Discount: Take Action Before This Offer Expires

Regular price is $1597! For a LIMITED TIME You can save over $1100!

Register by Tuesday, Nov. 28th for Only $497!

Full Pay Option - $497!

Reserve Your Spot Now▹

Or choose the Two-Pay Option or $260 each!

About Marie Fratoni

Marie FratoniMarie Fratoni, M.Ed is a powerful champion of women. As the CEO of Get Clients Everywhere, Marie works globally to help entrepreneurs get more clients, make more money, and live a life of freedom, joy and self-expression. She coaches business owners and professionals to become savvy, social, and successful through cultivating professional relationships that are both fulfilling and profitable. She provides impactful sales development strategies, transformational coaching, and growth-filled seminars that are fun, dynamic and valuable. She is the Founder and Leader of the Women’s Professional Development Network in Atlanta, and is a frequent Keynote Speaker for organizations and associations. Her extensive corporate consulting experience, coupled with her thirty years as an entrepreneur provides the perfect formula for success. She is a major connector, the Queen of Networking, and leads annual professional retreats in Italy.